Why Kimworks

Starting the conversation with yourself and your business. Because you feel it’s time for the next step, phase, growth spurt or dot on the horizon. Perhaps even a newer horizon. You sense you need to detangle (something) first before going through the desired personal development for yourself and your business. By saying goodbye to some old beliefs of yours, and standing taller within yourself and your business.   

It can be as simple as written above. It takes courage to start the conversation and trust that these conversations and sessions with yourself, your business and with me will give you wat you need at this moment. What your business needs. And what your (future) clients will need from you. 

As Energetic Businesscoach I combine the practical with the spiritual, in which my 14+ years work experience in marketing & communication is equally relevant as graduating from a professional coach training and my growing interest in spirituality and energy work. I trust that what you need (from me) will be part of the conversation that we will have, focusing on the dot or horizon that requires your attention most today.

In terms of Energetic Business coaching there are two ways in which we can work together: you can book a single longer coaching session or you enter the six-week coaching trajectory. In both cases you will start the conversation and we will dive into the deep. Your own depth and the depth of your business. 

Examples of topics for which 1 or more conversations/sessions would be helpful to you: 

Your business is running fine, but it feels as if you are stuck in a comfort zone that feels more and more uncomfortable. So you want to get out of that specific comfort zone.

You’ve noticed that you tend to reply to questions about yourself and/or your business with ‘it’s complicated’ or ‘it’s difficult’ and you are ready to give yourself and others a new answer.

You keep running into the same old beliefs and assumptions, and they are holding you back in your development as an entrepreneur and person.

You feel that it is time for an upgrade in how you express yourself in text/words towards your clients, but you need help in finding the right words to do this.

In short – you feel it’s time to detangle and develop yourself and your business. And with that for your (future) clients.


In Dutch the word ‘developing’ can also mean ‘detangling’, therefore the ‘Ontwikkelsessie / Development Session’ as you can see below has a double meaning. To me the process of self-development or developing your business doesn’t only ask you to grow towards something new, but it also asks of you to detangle something that is holding you back
in your growth. Thus to develop you first need to detangle. As ‘Development Session’ has a more upbeat ring to it,
the sessions are called ‘Development Sessions’ rather than ‘Detangling Sessions’. 


A six-week deep dive into you and your business. We address what’s been holding you back by having a conversation with and about that specific topic or theme. You will address this and I will help you in a coaching manner. First we detangle to make room for the development to find its way, after which you can put this development into practice via your offer and in your business. In a way that suits you and in a way that you require. Which step is it you would like to take?  

We meet in a Development session or Tuning in Session for a six week period. In between these sessions we keep in touch via Voxer, a digital place for you to connect, share and check in or if applicable send me an update on an assignment I gave you. It will be an intensive six weeks: you have to (have the courage to) get take the first step(s) and together we will follow your energy (with some magic here and there). 

I provide the safe space for you to start the conversation you need to have. The safe space in which will arise exactly what you need or needed via practical coaching methods and energetic (spiritual) practices.

The Business Horizon trip consists of:

Free online introduction of max. 45min via Zoom. After a mutual GO I will send you the proposal
to approve by e-mail;

Prior to the session you will receive a short questionnaire, which is to be filled out and send back before we
start the session;

3x Development Session of max. 2,5 hours (if possible 1 to 2 live sessions + 1 Zoom session);

3x Tuning in Call of max. 1 hour via Zoom;

Boxed contact via Voxer throughout the coaching trajectory;

When applicable a tailor-made ‘Tex Coach’ offer will be included for the reduced rate of € 68 ex. 21% VAT per hour (on top of the Business Horizon Trip costs);

1 hour after call 2 weeks after finishing the coaching trajectory.

Please note: the coaching trajectory entails a six-week period, however if needed it can be adjusted to fit you your calendar. To keep the ‘intensiveness’ of the coaching trajectory it is recommended to not spread the coaching trajectory over more than 9 weeks total. 

→ Rate € 1.200 excl. 21% VAT

→ Rate € 1.200 excl. 21% VAT


A one-off deep-dive in you and your business, in which we specifically focus on 1 topic or theme that is currently holding you back or occupying you more than it should. What is it you want to detangle and develop within yourself (and your business), before you can take that step towards the next dot on your business horizon?

The Development Sessions consists of:

A short 20-minute introduction via phone to see if we are a match (for your topic / theme); 

No extensive intake session, we will dive into it straight away; 

Prior to the session you will receive a short questionnaire, which is to be filled out and send back before we start the session;

During the session we will work with your answers to the questionnaire, for which I combine practical and energetic     (spiritual) coaching. Exactly as it suits you and your business best right now.

→ 1 Session of max. 2,5 hours
→ A 30-minute after call 1 to 2 weeks after
→ Rate € 247 excl. 21% VAT

→ 1 Session of max. 2,5 hours
→ A 30-minute after call 1 to 2 weeks after
→ Rate € 247 excl. 21% VAT


Working with energy, your energy.
The session consists of an energyreading, for which I close my eyes, tune in to your energy (energy field, aura) and give words to what’s surrounding you at that moment.

You can sit back and receive whatever comes your way. During the session you can make notes if that suits you, and afterwards I will send you the audio recording. 

→ 1 session of max. 90 minutes
→ Rate € 77 excl. 21% VAT

→ 1 session of max. 90 minutes
→ Rate € 77 ex. VAT

For your information

  • The booking of your session/trajectory is official after receiving reply e-mail with a GO to the offer made.
  • Rate excluding 21% VAT (BTW);
  • Invoice / Payment request Development session follows after the session with a payment term of 15 days, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Invoice / Payment request Business Horizon trip is to be paid (partially) prior to the first session. Payment in two installments is possible: 60% prior to the trajectory, remaining 40% in week 3;
  • All meetings will take place via a paid Zoom account, unless otherwise agreed. Offline sessions will be held in Utrecht at Kimworks. When an external location is more suitable, this will be at the expense of the client.

for a deep-dive into your own horizon?

Ready for a deep-dive into your own horizon?




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