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English Kim Huizenga

for your
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English Kim Huizenga

Starting the conversation with yourself and your business as you feel it’s time for the next step, phase, growth spurt or dot on the horizon. Perhaps even a newer horizon. Sensing you need to detangle first before going through the desired development for and within yourself and your business.

It can be this simple, but it does take courage to start these conversations and to trust that they will give you exactly what you need at this moment. What your business needs right now. And what your (future) clients will need from you.

As coach for your business & text I combine the practical with the spiritual, in which my 12+ years’ work experience in marketing & communication is equally relevant as successfully completing a professional coach training and my growing interest in spirituality and energy work. I trust that what you need (from me) will be part of the conversation that we will have, focusing on the dot or horizon that requires your attention most today.

Find your footing, start walking and in time you will be running

Find your footing, start walking and in time you will be running

Currently there are two ways to work together with me in regards to business coaching; one focuses specifically on you, your business (and its texts) and one focuses solemnly on text coaching. In both cases we start with a first conversation to see what it is you need help with and if I am the right person to help you, your business and/or your texts.

The conversations could for example be about the following topics:

Your business is running well, but it feels as if you are stuck in a comfort zone that feels more and more uncomfortable. So you want to get out of that specific comfort zone.

You’ve noticed that you tend to reply to questions about yourself and/or your business with ‘it’s complicated’ or ‘it’s difficult’ and you are ready to give yourself and others a new answer.

You keep running into the same old beliefs and assumptions, and you feel you want to address them more thoroughly.

You feel that it is time for an upgrade in how you express yourself in text towards your clients, but you need help in finding the right words to do this.

Please note that detangling is what will happen too if and when you are ready to do so.
For yourself and your business. And with that for your (future) clients.

In Dutch the word ‘developing’ can also be read as ‘detangling’, giving the word a double meaning and therewith showing you exactly what growth is about: in order to move forward (developing) you need to let go too (detangling). This is what we tackle throughout the sessions (conversations) as well, as it is part of the growth process of both you and your business.


The Business Horizon Journey can be booked for one month or for as many months as feels fitting for your coach request / question(s). Every month consists of 1 Developmentsession (approx. 2,5h, week 1) and 1 Tuning In Call (approx. 1,5h, tbd), in which we work on your coach questions and tune in to what you and your business need at that moment. During the first Development Session the Energy field visualisation is planned, to help you stand taller within your own energy.

Between sessions we have (framed) contact via Voxer. This is the place where we stay in touch via voice messages, giving you the space to check in, share your most recent brainwave or give me an update of your process in response to a session or a homework assignment. I will most definitely share some extra magic (of yours) with you every now and then via Voxer.

Optionally we will work on your (online) business texts, as I work as a text coach too. This only happens with your agreement on the text coaching proposal and is followed by a separate invoice at the end of each month.

During your Business Horizon Journey it is possible that we’re heading into a different direction than you expected, know that we will always follow your energy and horizon(s) and I will offer you the safe space to do so. You decide where your needs lie, will we follow the practical path or do we take the spiritual route to see what may arise?

→ Rate per month: € 780 excl. 21% VAT

→ Rate per month: € 780 excl. 21% VAT

Would you rather have a one-time coach conversation or prefer a longer collaboration? That’s possible! Based on your coach question(s) we will look into what suits you, your business and my options in terms of energetic business coaching and text coaching.

It starts with a first conversation, from there on out we will see what will arise for you and your business.


You write and I coach, correct & edit your written business texts for among others your website and social media. From an agreement per hour á € 76 excl. 21% VAT to a Business Horizon Journey focused on your texts for € 780 excl. 21% VAT per month.

You decide what suits your and your business best in terms of text coaching. In both cases it starts with a first conversation to see how I can help you and your business and whether we are a match too. Ready to get started?


Working with energy, your energy.
The session consists of an energy reading, for which I close my eyes, tune in to your energy (energy field, aura) and give words to what’s surrounding you at that moment.

You can sit back and receive whatever comes your way. During the session you can take notes if that suits you, and afterwards I will send you the audio recording.

→ 1 session of max. 90 minutes
→ Rate € 77 ex. 21% VAT
(€ 93,17 incl. VAT)

→ 1 session of max. 90 minutes
→ Rate € 77 ex. VAT
(€ 93,17 incl. VAT)

For your information

  • Rate excluding 21% VAT (BTW);
  • If interested a proposal will be sent by email, the collaboration will start after your GO via reply email;
  • Invoice / Payment request Business Horizon Journey needs to be paid prior to the first session. In case of renewal/prolongation, the invoice must be paid before the start of the renewal period;
  • Rate Tekst Coaching is € 76 per hour excl. 21% VAT. Invoice / payment request follows at the end of the month with a payment term of 15 days unless otherwise agreed. For extra text coaching work within the Business Horizon Journey a separate invoice is sent after your official GO.
  • All meetings will take place via a paid Zoom account, unless otherwise agreed. Offline sessions will be held in Utrecht at Kimworks. When an external location is more suitable, this will be at the expense of the client (incl. travel expenses

for a deep-dive into your own horizon?

Ready for a deep-dive into your own horizon?